Our goal at Earthwise is to preserve our region’s architectural heritage and character by salvaging reusable building materials. We provide a retail source for unique and historically significant materials that would otherwise be headed to a landfill. These quality resources are increasingly sought after, as they are a well-crafted and cost-effective alternative to buying new building materials.

Earthwise works with everyone in the industry: homeowners, restoration specialists, contractors, designers, builders, architects and the general public. At our retail locations, we provide education on the benefits of salvage and restoring and reusing period architectural elements for your projects. We also offer design expertise, inspirational ideas and advice on salvage projects through our friendly, expertly trained staff members and organized stores.


Store Policies:

What are Earthwise’s store credit, hold, return/exchange, rental or consignment policies?  Check here.

Design & Inspiration:

We love to create and reimagine salvaged materials into new and exciting things. There’s no shortage of inspiration in our retail showrooms – come in and see what we’re up to! There’s always bound to be something new around the next corner…

Event & Materials Rentals:

Earthwise rents nearly all store items for your photo-shoots, weddings, special events, film-making pursuits or other purposes. At the time of rental, Customer agrees to pay a one-time, non-refundable fee of: 15% of the retail cost of each item plus tax for a rental period of up to 14 days, OR 20% of the retail cost of each item plus tax for a rental period more than 14 days up to 31 days (or longer, if approval is given by management). Using this service for your non-profit venture or community event? Ask a store manager about special arrangements we may be able to make as well!

We know the stores are a fun place to be with tons of nooks, crannies & filled to the brim with interesting things. So, we DEFINITELY entertain opportunities for photo shoots and event space rentals as well. We have been the setting for photo shoots for engagement photos, documentaries, commercials, and SO much more. We’ve even been the location for a surprise 50th birthday party! The sky’s the limit – just let us know what you want to do and we will do our best to let you know how we can work together!

 Design Services and Trade Referrals :

Staff members at Earthwise are on the cusp of industry trends, especially those that involve salvage and sustainability. We don’t charge for design or project advice – in fact, we LOVE hearing about your latest project! If needed, you can even setup a time that works for you to tell us about your project and ask for our creative input – just email us or come see us and we will do our best to help you. If we can’t find or don’t have what you are looking for or it is determined that you need more specialized assistance, ask about our referral service (more about this below). We’ve got over 20 years of experience working with skilled professionals in every vein imaginable.

One of our most important efforts at Earthwise is connecting people who want to use salvage with skilled professionals who are familiar with using salvage materials or restoring them. At our stores, our staff can quickly find you the information your need to contact reputable, local contractors, designers, builders, refinishers, and products with whom Earthwise is familiar and highly recommends. If you have any questions about this service and what you may need for your project, contact us!

If you still can’t get the help you need, check out our EWFamous Resources Page.

Salvage Workshops & Kits:

Working with salvaged materials can sometimes be overwhelming if you’re new to the game or project. Earthwise understands that!

Our Salvage DIY & Petina Kits are designed with this in mind: everything you need including the instructions on how to add some salvage character to your current project or to make a project you’ve already had in mind but were unsure of how to start.

Looking to get your hands a little more dirty – how about attending a FREE salvage workshop? Check out our #YEW events page and sign-up for one that strikes your fancy or visit The Salvage Strip (our blog) for the latest on past and future happenings and workshops!

Other Inquiries:

Charitable Donation Requests & Community Outreach:

Are you a member of a community organization, school, non-profit, theater, or organization seeking materials or a gift for a project? Perhaps you are hosting an event and believe sponsorship or participation from Earthwise would benefit attendees?

We are committed to educating the community about salvage and how it benefits everyone involved while also supporting and advocating local organizations that use salvaged materials. Current and past organizations we have worked with include: Seattle Theatre Group (STG), NW Harvest, Mother Earth News, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Victory Outreach, Sea Mar Community Health Center, Roosevelt High School Jazz Boosters, West Seattle Tool Library, A Child’s Right, Decay Preserves, Rainier Valley Food Bank, Alki Elementary,  Ballard Historic Society, among many others.

Please contact our director, Kadence Englehardt at kadence@ewsalvage.com with a description of your project and request directly. We would love to hear about your project!

Job Opportunities:

Love people and getting your hands dirty? Working at Earthwise is a fun and exciting way to work with salvage and really feel the history! See if Earthwise is hiring!