Selling or Trading Items to Earthwise:

We accept materials in our stores EVERY DAY from 10AM-5PM. Keep in mind that we accept materials to be reused! We may reject certain items if they are overstocked or deemed non-reusable. For more information about what materials we accept, please check the “Will EW Take It?” List. , however, this list is non-exhaustive! Earthwise reserves the right to accept or reject materials at any time. We highly recommend you give us a call if you have any questions about bringing materials in.

Trading Items for Earthwise Store Credit

Store Credit issued to you in exchange for your items NEVER loses value over time or expires. It is ONLY useable by the person named in the log OR those individuals authorized by the person named in the log. We look up your store credit using your LAST NAME or your PHONE NUMBER. We DO NOT issue receipts for store credit – these logs are stored in an off-site, digital server accessible from ANY of our Retail Locations. When issued, we do NOT return tax to your store credit log, however, we do NOT charge tax on purchases with store credit up to the full-value in your account. Store credit CANNOT be cashed out.

SORRY – Store Credit CANNOT be applied to purchases of consignment items and cannot be used as tender or currency on our website at this time. If you would like to purchase something from the website with store credit, please contact our Seattle location directly so that we can assist you.

Selling Items to Earthwise for Cash/Check

When selling items to Earthwise, please bring a valid form of ID with you. We are legally required to ask for identification from you in the event that we purchase items from you with cash, as well as record information about what item(s) we purchased from you, for how much, how you came to own the item(s) and/or inquire about the legal ownership of the items.

Earthwise reserves the right to reject items or refuse to purchase items at any time for any reason we see fit.

Loading Policy:

Staff are NOT responsible for LOADING or SECURING your item/s once they have been purchased. If we can accommodate assisting you, we will do our best to do so, however we cannot guarantee we will be able to help you.

If you have purchased a large/bulky/difficult item/s that will require assistance in loading, PLEASE arrange to bring help OR call us at least 1-HOUR prior to pickup so that we MAY be able to assist you. We make NO GUARANTEES about assistance, but we will make every effort to do so.

Earthwise is not responsible for DAMAGE to items or bodily injury incurred during loading, modifying or securing purchased items. We do have flag tape and twine available for you, as well as ratchet straps available for purchase. We make NO GUARANTEES as to use of such tools.


Earthwise DOES offer delivery of many items to Seattle and surrounding areas through our partner, Ghostruck. Prices start at $45! For more information, visit the Earthwise location nearest you OR visit Ghostruck’s website!


Earthwise does not typically consign items that are not creative reuse ideas for salvaged merchandise. In general, our rate is 50/50 and items will only be in the store for up to 6-months. Please contact a store for more information.


Customers may place an item on hold for 24-hours. When the 24-hours has elapsed, the hold is null and void. You WILL NOT receive a phone call from Earthwise. Other customers may place a second, third, etc. hold on ANY item, to go into effect when your original hold has elapsed. As long as there is not subsequent hold on an item, you may extend your hold ONE 24-hour period DIRECTLY following your first hold. Following ONE EXTENSION, the item cannot be placed on hold for the same customer until another 24-hours has passed.

In the event of a sale, ALL HOLDS expire at the end of the day PRIOR to the sale UNLESS the customer agrees to pay the FULL, non-discounted price for the item/s.

SOLD Items:

ALL purchased items must be picked up within seven (7) days of purchase, unless you have scheduled/setup a delivery with Earthwise staff. Earthwise does not issue REFUNDS, however, if you wish to exchange an item for in-store credit only, you may do so within seven (7) days WITH your original receipt. Earthwise is NOT responsible for any damage that may occur following purchase/storage.

Once an item has been purchased, you will be given a SOLD tag for you to sign that designates the item(s) has/have been sold to you and you understand and agree to Earthwise’s Sold Item and Return Policies. After seven (7) days, a daily storage fee will apply to your items: you also agree to pay Earthwise $5.00 PER DAY for every day after the 7th day that we store your merchandise. When your storage fees meet or exceed the original purchase price, ownership of the item/s transders back to Earthwise and can be sold again. Should this occur, Earthwise DOES NOT issue any amount of the original purchase back to you as in-store credit or otherwise.

Customer Loyalty Program:

Yes! You can earn discounts, free stuff, and early admittance to private events just by becoming a member of our loyalty program. Find the rewards here and sign up at any of our retail locations the next time you’re in and start earning rewards that day!

Return/Exchange Policy:

Earthwise offers exchange OR store credit ONLY for items returned in their ORIGINAL CONDITION within seven (7) days of purchase WITH your original receipt. Our stores do NOT issue refunds or cash back for returned items.

Earthwise sells USED materials. We give no guarantees – expressed or implied – as to the working condition of merchandise. PLEASE check it out before you take it home or keep your receipt and return it within seven (7) days for exchange or store credit.

We do our best to measure items accurately, but sometimes mistakes happen. We do not guarantee the accuracy of these measurements. If your purchase or use is dependent upon size PLEASE double check prior to purchase.


Appliance/Radiator Returns:

We do our best to ONLY accept appliances/radiators which are known to have been working at salvage sites. We do NOT accept appliances/radiators EXCEPT those which we remove directly. If you purchase an appliance/radiator and upon installation this item DOES NOT work, we will refund your purchase in the original form of payment WITH your original receipt within 2 WEEKS (14 days) of purchase.

Gift Certificates:

Gift Certificiates are available for purchase at any retail location. Purchases with gift certificates are only applicable in person at our retail locations at this time. If you wish to purchase an item from our website with your gift certificate, please call the Seattle location to request a hold on the item and then come see us to make the purchase.


YES! Earthwise rents nearly all store items for your photo-shoots, events, film-making or other purposes.

At the time of rental, Customer agrees to pay a one-time, non-refundable fee of:

  • 15% of the retail cost of each item plus tax for a rental period of up to 14 days,


  • 20% of the retail cost of each item plus tax for a rental period more than 14 days up to 31 days (or longer, if approval is given by management).

Rental fees plus tax are to be paid at the time of rental. These fees are non-refundable and in addition to the price of potential purchase (in the event that the item does not return or the customer chooses to purchase said item/s).  Customer agrees to leave a deposit payment for the full amount of the item/s with Earthwise, in addition to the non-refundable rental fee, until the item is returned and/or the deposit is tendered as payment for the non-returned items. All items must be returned in the original condition in which they were rented or the customer will be charged for the full price of each item. Customer agrees to pay the full price plus taxes for any item/s that is not returned to Earthwise within the heretofore specified time period.
Earthwise reserves the right to refuse rentals of certain items.

Direct Sales/Large Quantity Purchases & Custom Lumber Orders:

Have an entire storage facility with materials or a large building that needs some more character or pizzazz from salvaged materials? Earthwise can help!

At our Tacoma location, we offer milling services of Earthwise materials. For information about custom milling orders or large quantity orders, please contact Kadence Englehardt or Kurt Petrauskas at either location or email us at

We would love to see how Earthwise can assist you with your newest business or home venture.