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Slow Salvage: The Art of Waiting for the Right Salvaged Materials

We’ve all heard the phrase “quality over quantity,” but what does that mean in the salvage world? Instead of clicking “add to cart” from a building materials chain store, it pays in a big way to plan ahead. Waiting for perfect materials for your vision means you’re adding unique character along with longevity that only comes with quality salvaged goods. Enter: The art of slow salvage.

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Top 1920s Art Deco Light Fixtures You’ll See Today

The striking lines of Art Deco are easily distinguishable. After the natural lines of Art Nouveau from the late 1800s, Art Deco had a more structural approach, represented in buildings like the Chrysler or Empire State Building. At Earthwise, we love Art Deco. When you’re at all of our locations, look upward. You’ll likely see many Art Deco light shades straight from the 1920s and 30s. Here are some of the most popular art deco light designs that we sell regularly:

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Earthwise Presented at SAMI!

In January, our Director of Operations Aaron Blanchard was invited to the Science and Math Institute (SAMI) in Tacoma. As a part of a series showcasing different green industries, Aaron showed the importance of salvage through a presentation along with materials for the students to look at and feel for themselves. From describing how Earthwise works to the history of Tacoma, Aaron showed salvage in a tangible, hands-on way.

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