If you haven’t heard about the new, exciting Wood Mizer Band Saw in Tacoma then you are missing out! We are milling our custom butcher block, old growth beams, and live edge slabs. But the most exciting pieces of lumber coming off our mill is the Submerged lumber.  This old growth lumber was retrieved from a Northwest Estuary. An Estuary is a partially enclosed body of water where saltwater and freshwater meet creating a brackish (or mixed) water area. As the lumber sat in the brackish water it absorbed the minerals in the water and created beautiful blue and green hues in the wood.

collage of fresh cut submerged lumber

We are milling the beams in 2” thick chunks in widths varying between 11” and 12” and lengths as long as 11’! This lumber is great for shelves, mantels, wall treatments, and furniture. Each piece is unique and the colors vary depending on where the beams sat in the water.

As always if you don’t see what you are looking for or needing a specific size, we would be happy to mill your custom slab.  We can use our lumber or a special piece from your collection. Our mill can accommodate material up to 30” wide. If you are interested in custom milling email Dave at Dave@ewsalvage.com.