A Giant Frank Lloyd Wright Planter is at Earthwise!

Without a doubt, we love objects that tell a story. For instance, the one and only Frank Lloyd Wright designed this very large planter currently sitting at Earthwise.

Frank Lloyd Wright was largely considered one of the greatest American architects of all time. Wright designed well over 1,000 architectural works, creating interesting and innovative spaces across the United States. Mixing indoor and outdoor elements together for an “eloquent and humane” design, the Frank Lloyd Wright Wax Administration Building in Racine, WI shows his use of shapes to create an open and airy space. At the time, this building was the main office for the household cleaning supply company, SC Johnson & Son.

Frank Lloyd Wright Wax Administration Building in Racine, WI (Image from SC Johnson Company)

Built between 1936-1939, the Wax Administration Building was famous for its dendriform columns, which were often described as lily pads. They jutted from the ground and supported the ceiling structure while providing a bright and visual element.

(Photo by

Outside, lining the walkway of the building stood 32 x 50.5” inch giant planters filled with a variety of foliage. Wright was big into nature and was quoted many times talking about how nature influenced his work and his life philosophies.

Planters at Wax Building (photo by Gillfoto)

These Frank Lloyd Wright Johnson Wax House garden planters are contemporary in feel, with stair-stepped ridges and an opening that can house flowers, shrubs, or even trees. The planter was hand cast and made using a dry mix technique with concrete. Later, this planter was authorized for reproduction by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. 

Want to see what a 1,300 pound Frank Lloyd Wright planter looks like? We currently have an official reproduction of the Frank Lloyd Wright Johnson Wax House garden planter at our Seattle location! CLICK HERE for more information!

Wax Building Planter at Earthwise Seattle

“The mission of an architect is to help people understand how to make life more beautiful, the world a better one for living in, and to give reason, rhyme, and meaning to life.” – FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, 1957

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