Our Rental Program

Are you looking for a centerpiece for an exciting event? A period piece for a 1930s film you’re producing? Look no further! Earthwise has an assortment of amazing items ready to rent for your next project. All three locations (Seattle, Tacoma, and Aberdeen) have their own unique genres and materials to choose from. 

Why Rent Earthwise Items?

Our items are authentic and period specific, providing a wonderful backdrop for a movie, play, or special occasion. They are often one-of-a-kind, good quality, and can’t be found in many other places. We would love to work with you to find the perfect item for your next project! 
Check out our Inventory for inspiration! 

Rental Terms

Earthwise rents store items under the following terms:

  • Customer must rent a minimum of $250 retail value of items
  • Customer will pay the full retail cost of the items upon rental but will receive a refund of: 
  • 50% of the total if returned within 30 days of rental
  • 20% of the total if returned AFTER 30 days
  • If the item is returned damaged or broken, the renter will pay the full retail price of said item.
  • Earthwise reserves the right to refuse rentals of certain items
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