Custom Milling

Custom Milling at Earthwise!

Do you have lumber that needs to be milled? Is there a project that needs specified wood sizes? Let us help! 

Earthwise offers custom milling options in our Tacoma lumber yard. Next to a historic 1901 lumber mill, our modern milling equipment, a Woodmizer LT40wide, is capable of cutting beams, entire logs, wide cuts, or wide slab cuts. We’re happy to mill the materials ‌you provide, or you can ‌take a look our variety of lumber ‌that we can mill up for your next project.


Here are just a few projects wood milling can be used for: 
  • Mantels 
  • Shelving
  • Table tops
  • Square stock trim
  • Wall cladding/accent wall
  • Furniture building

*All sales are FINAL on Custom Milling services*

Bringing Your Own Lumber to Mill?

We are happy to cut a variety of lumber/wood materials ‌you bring from home. However, there are some restrictions and limitations on the ‌condition of wood we’ll cut. 

Please keep the following in mind before making an appointment with us. We are unable to cut:

  • Nail embedded wood
  • Railroad ties
  • Pressure treated creosote
  • Bug infested wood
Please note that it will be up to the discretion of our miller, Dave, to decide whether or not something can be milled. Due to wood being an organic material, we can’t guarantee you’ll get the maximum amount of your product.

Next step: Utilizing our Planer

After you get your wood custom cut, you may need to have it planed. Planing is a process in which we cut a thin bit of material off the top and bottom to smooth out the surface, making it a finished product. This can save you hours of sanding, or bringing your newly milled wood to another location to have it done!

Pricing and Measurements

Size limitations for our Custom Milling: Length 17 feet / 204 inches Width 30 inches 
Size limitations for our Planer: 25″ wide / 6″ thick

$100 an hour, including setup time. Half-hour minimum. We can quote you an approximate time of how long your project will take!  

Depending on the project size, it can take up to a couple of weeks before we start your project. Lead times may vary depending on how many projects are already in development. 

Let us know about your project: