Our Team


The Big Boss

The Worktrauskas aka the man behind why we all work so hard.


Director of Operations

Our fearless leader braves the Tacoma to Seattle commute daily to help salvage, merchandise, and keep us on track.


Business Manager Extraordinaire

Alison claims she only works here because we allow dogs to come to work.


Director of Aquisitions

Threw his corporate desk job out the window in favor of getting down and dirty in the world of salvage.  He can be found in the shop or salvaging an old house.


Director of Marketing

Eric is a writer, social media veteran, survivor of the non-profit industrial complex, beer league hockey goaltender, wiffleball team captain, old guy in the back of the room at hardcore and metal shows, and is also trying to survive gentle parenting two strong-willed children in a post-pandemic world.


Seattle Store Manager

When Nate isn’t working on home improvement projects, he enjoys welding cute little octopuses from salvaged materials that live on the store counter.


Seattle Assistant Store Manager

Molly is a creative reuse artist who enjoys being an avid plant collector.


The Lighting Lady

Diana has been lighting the dark spaces of your homes and our hearts for many years at Earthwise!


Salvage Crew Lead

Coming from a background in sustainability and conservation, Aaron has integrated quite well into the world of architectural salvage. In his off time, he is an avid cyclist, canoe enthusiast, and sourdough artisan.



Salvage crew

Dan is an East Coast native who moved to Washington after a career as a prop maker in Hollywood. When he’s not salvaging, he can be found taking epic road trips, making paper sculptures, playing with his two cats, or cooking up delicious meals.

Dave B

Tacoma Store Manager

Dave B enjoys abstract painting, experimenting with music, repurposing, and diy projects. He made this industrial angel sculpture/selfie station you can find at Earthwise in Tacoma!


Tacoma retail crew

Luke just relocated from Missouri with his partner and their two dogs. Luke has a masters degree in orchestral conducting, collects vintage lighting, and thinks too much. 


Dave B

Mill Guy Dave

Proof customers make the best employees.  Dave actually applied to both Second Use and Earthwise at the same time. Sorry Second Use, we called him back first 😛


Aberdeen Store Manager

Felicia is an artistic member of our team with a passion for interior design and restoration.


Aberdeen Assistant Manager

Nelson is a team player with a great attitude!  Never without a smile, you can always tell that he loves where he works.  We’re lucky to have him!


Aberdeen Retail Staff

Grant is an avid outdoorsman who loves puttering on anything old and nostalgic. 



Aberdeen Retail Staff

Hudson is a plate throwing, saxophone playing, jazz enthusiast with a heart of gold. One of our youngest team members, with tons of potential!



Kenmore Store Manager

Calder loves to emphasize time and it’s plotting progress. At work he’s expressing and learning with our awesome customers. At home art making, writing, and cooking occupy his time.


Kenmore crew

Lisa is a gardening enthusiast who loves to find hidden treasures at thrift stores and garage sales. She enjoys upcycling her finds into creative projects and baking treats for family and friends.


Kenmore retail crew

Max is a 3-d sculptural artist and an avid trinket collector (or hoarder depending on who you ask). He also enjoys buying and selling old clothes and hand tools. In his free time you can find him at estate sales or junk-yards getting his hands dirty digging for the loot. 




Kenmore retail crew

Tina has been haunting thrift stores and antique malls all her life. She dives head first into the inventory and lives to fly fish.




Dog Crew

Bindi will be your personal shopper and gently carries cabinet hardware and plumbing parts to customers around the store…even if you don’t want it.


Dog Crew

Don’t let his cold demeanor fool you! This pup LOVES to get loved on, he just makes you work for it.


Dog Crew

Like a true little brother, Archie is Clyde’s mini me and will follow Clyde around for hours happily trying to play.


Dog Crew

Sebastian is a farm boy who just moved to the big city to follow his dream (his dream is treats).




Dog Crew

The newest pup in Dog Crew, Rue is a rambunctious little lady with a heart of gold and a belly full of treats.




Dog Crew

Ranger is Aberdeen’s newest member of the team. He will sit for treats and cuddles and loves chasing the dust bunnies.




Dog Crew

Though not the traditional black-and-white color scheme of Earthwise doggos, Cliff will always be in our hearts.