Earthwise offers competitive onsite bid services for projects free of charge. Our expert salvage team will remove materials approved by you ahead of time for any of our diverse forms of reimbursement: in-store credit, modest cash bids, or tax donation receipts from one of our non-profit partners. We can also provide salvage assessments to meet permit application requirements!


Are you cleaning out the garage or finishing up a remodel? Are you a contractor whose warehouse is in need of extra space? We accept desirable material every day at our salvage warehouses from homeowners, architects, contractors, artists, designers and the general public.We can also pick up desirable items from homeowners, contractors, and businesses free of charge – see ‘Will EW Take It?’ below, or schedule your project now.  


Not sure how to use an item or how to get it home? At our retail locations, we provide guidance, kits, workshops, event space & material rentals, reliable trade referrals and more to help you reuse salvaged architectural elements in your current project. Our expertly trained, friendly staff members also offer design expertise and advice on projects free of charge. We love working with salvage and helping you find inspiration!

Contact EWSalvage now: The Acquisitions Department:  206-290-1656


The best way to find out if we will accept your items is to send us a photos of the materials that you have to offer or stop by the location of your choice! We may be able to pick up large items or let you know if items are unacceptable via phone or photo. We accept materials in our stores EVERY DAY from 10AM-5PM. We may reject certain items if they are overstocked or deemed non-reusable. Please refer to the list below for general guidelines, however, this list is non-exhaustive! Earthwise reserves the right to accept or reject materials at any time. We highly recommend you give us a call if you have any questions about bringing materials in.

Keep in mind that we accept materials to be reused! See the list below for general guidelines.


In general, we accept materials such as:

Vintage solid wood doors, wooden windows, door hardware, window hardware, sinks, claw foot tubs, faucets, lighting, bath hardware, tile, stone, brick, fencing, garden supplies, design and decor materials, wood trims and mouldings, wood flooring, lumber, cabinetry, shutters and shelving.




Some items we can accept only in certain circumstances (i.e. age, color, size, quantities, condition, demand):

Bed frames, bi-fold doors, carpet tiles, certified wood stoves, cracked or over-sized cast iron radiators, electrical hardware and switches, fluorescent lighting fixtures, furniture with upholstery, toilets and tank lids, vintage appliances,

Generally Unacceptable

In general, we do not accept materials such as:

Appliance parts, aluminum or single-paned storm windows, block and brick with large amounts of intact mortar, cabinets missing parts/pieces, drawer fronts or single drawers from cabinets, hollow-core or slab doors, rolled flooring materials (vinyl or carpet) textiles and fabrics, tanks or bowls of toilets. Not sure where to recycle something? Visit this Seattle Public Utilities Website:

Not Acceptable


The following materials are not acceptable:

Adhesives, appliances that our team has not confirmed to be working (we have no way of doing this in our stores!), MDF materials, non-certified wood-burning stoves, particle board or OSB sheet stock, paints, stains, and varnishes. We do not recycle light bulbs of any kind. Not sure where to recycle something? Visit this Seattle Public Utilities Website:


2014 City of Seattle Salvage Assessment REQUIREMENT

As of July 1st, 2014, the City of Seattle requires that ALL construction, building alteration, and demolition projects, where the area of work is greater than 750 square feet, to submit a Deconstruction and Salvage Assessment. The assessment indicates which of the materials identified in the plan are potentially salvageable. Seattle Public Utilites and the Department of Planning and Development are working towards the goal of diverting 70% of construction and demolition waste from landfills by 2020! The goal is to increase the amount of materials that can be recycled and reused.

Earthwise is working with the City of Seattle and those seeking permits by providing salvage assessments.  These Salvage Assessments are free as long as Earthwise is given the opportunity to complete the salvage. Please contact Paul ( at the Seattle location for more information about how we can help.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
    Add pictures to help us better understand your project
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
    Add pictures to help us better understand your project
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
    Add pictures to help us better understand your project