Happy 3rd Anniversary Aberdeen Earthwise!

July 21st marks the third anniversary of our Aberdeen store opening! For the past three years, Aberdeen Earthwise has provided salvaged materials from the greater Seattle and Grays Harbor County to the Aberdeen community.

Aberdeen is considered the “Gateway to the Peninsula.” An hour west of Olympia, Aberdeen is the economic hub of the area, and where you travel if you’re going to the coast. Downtown, you’ll see many buildings from the early 1900s. Aberdeen is historically a logging community and is also famously known for being the birthplace of Kurt Cobain.

Welcome to Aberdeen Sign, “Come As You Are” – A famous Nirvana song

Earthwise owner Kurt (not that Kurt!) spent a lot of time in the area, building connections with community members and enjoying the beach. He’s also noticed the steady growth. In surrounding areas of Aberdeen, many people are buying vacation homes close to the Pacific, or remodeling their historic homes original to the area.

From Gray Harbor County, some of the coolest things we found were old library ladders and we teamed up with Ronglins Demolition to save some of the biggest beams (12″x22″x20′ long!) along with the old-growth floor joists from the Aberdeen Armory fire. From the Aberdeen Armory, we also managed to grab a Kurt Cobain stuffed mannequin that still resides happily at the Aberdeen Earthwise.

Kurt Cobain Mannequin from the Aberdeen Armory

Currently on display are lawyer cabinets and a three way dressing room mirror from the iconic 1910 La Vogue building in Hoquiam.

Lawyer Cabinet from the La Vogue Building in Hoquiam

Here is the inventory link to check it out.

Three-way mirror from the La Vogue Building in Hoquiam

On July 21st, all three of our stores are celebrating the Aberdeen anniversary!

July 17th – 20th, take 15% off and on Wednesday the official anniversary – Take 20% off!*

*Exclusions apply. No holds on bulk items like flooring and lumber, cannot be combined with other coupons, no customized milling, and no sales on consignment!

Come as you are and join us!

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