This past week it has been a little chilly, ok a lot chilly. The customers who venture to Earthwise are shocked at how little clothing the staff wears considering how cold it is in the warehouses. It should come as no surprise that the EW Crew is tough as nails and have a few secrets to staying warm during these cold winter days.  So how does an Earthwise employee stay warm?


Well for starters, we are constantly rearranging the stores to make room for new goodies like this awesome 18 piece cabinet set fresh off the truck, look for it in the Seattle Store.


We are busy milling reclaimed lumber like the butcher block and submerged lumber in the Tacoma store. Trust me, it’s hard to be cold when you are prepping and hauling beams to the Wood Mizer for “Mill Guy Dave” to slab up.

Mill Guy Dave milling butcher block

Stained glass is keeping both the Aberdeen store and the Seattle plenty warm with thoughts on how to display them (and secretly imagining the pieces in their own sunny windows).

Seattle Crew setting up stained glass windows in the front display

Our salvage guys are also staying plenty warm as they work hard in the field doing extremely fun tasks like rotor-hammering, pulling flooring, and heavy removals of amazing salvaged items.

Gingerly removing giant stained glass windows

Pulling beautiful 3 1/4″ fir flooring

It does help to weather the cold days when you have many many many layers of socks, shirts, gloves, and jackets on too. But if venturing out in the chilly weather isn’t for you, that’s completely understandable! You are now able to browse all three locations inventory from the comfort of your warm couch! And when you find that perfect item just call our store and we’ll hold it for you.