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Old Superior Crosscut Saw

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One and a half person handheld crosscut saw.
Steel and handle have been restored beautifully.
No makers mark on the steel itself, but the pin on the handle reads “warranted superior” with an eagle motif.
The steel is almost dead strait and there are no major defects.
None of the teeth are chipped, but they could use a re-sharpening.
The handle got split at some point but was glued back together and re-finished, it feels solid.
The steel has micro pitting throughout but as long as you keep it oiled and stored in a dry environment that should not be an issue.
The saw has an overall length of 46.5 inches. I haven’t weighed it but i’d say its around 3-4 lbs.
Overall its a beautiful saw and ready for use, it would look great hung up on any shop wall.

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