Labor Day Discoveries

You could say we like to scour the internet for funky, historic visual imagery to share with you, our fellow salvage and history lovers. Sounds familiar, eh? Well, we just can’t get enough of vintage photos lately. Especially ones from Vintage Seattle, the Washington State Digital Archives we mentioned in last week’s post, or our most recent find this week: the UW Projects on PNW Labor and Civil Rights. May not sound enticing, but once you click, we’re sure you’ll get sucked in like we did!

This website is chock full of interesting moments not only in PNW history. For example, did you know that the Seattle Strike of February 1919 was the first city-wide labor action in America to be proclaimed a “general strike?” There’s also an entire project page dedicated to the History of Civil Rights in our region, which in light of recent events, seemed like an appropriate read.

Finally, we really enjoyed this page of galleries with hundreds of photos from all sorts of reputable sources, including our featured image, which is a Seattle PI photo in the Lonnie Nelson Collection at MOHAI. In this shot, we’re looking North up 2nd Ave in Downtown Seattle from the south-west corner of James St at the Labor Day Parade in 1938, as the Longshoremen proceed in the parade. Here’s the modern view – see the Hartford building in both shots? Enjoy the view back in time – let us know what you find via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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