Our Very Own Earthwise Crew Projects!

We have been VERY impressed by the projects that come from our customers out of Earthwise materials. Not surprisingly, our staff has also come up with some amazing projects as well! Here are some staff projects made from salvaged finds:

Dave, our Tacoma Store Manager, made a console table made from live edge teredo wood and a cast iron industrial tool base, a coffee table from a remilled beam, and an accent wall and vanity top made from our re-milled submerged lumber!

Kyarsten, our Salvage Crew Lead, used a bleacher board for a curved shelf behind her couch. She sanded it down, put on a coat of polyurethane, and mounted it with L brackets. It comes complete with inset cup holders and charging points.

Aaron, our Director of Operations, beautifully restored a front door used, has a salvaged pocket door with original hardware, and a pew from one of the churches for a breakfast nook (that Archie uses regularly).

Using reclaimed wood, Molly from our Seattle store created an Art Nouveau-inspired open sign.

If you visit our Tacoma location, you’ll see Phil’s amazing creations made out of rusty crusty stuff like this chariot. He also enjoys restoring items to their original glory!

Toby our Aberdeen Store Manager‘s house includes skulls with twine wrapped in electrical tape. Toby built and painted the desk + coffee table out of melamine board and 2×4’s.  Shannon, Toby’s wife, used an old wooden soda crate and painted an old shelf to use as a bone display. Toby cut and stained a 2×12 and fastened it to the wall with cast iron wall brackets for the amplifier head and wrapped insulation in black fabric for sound treatment.

Amanda from our Tacoma store takes many odds and ends and turns them into delightful touches in her home. She turned a fence post into incense holders, flamingos turned into planters, nuts and bolts that I turned into Christmas trees, used vacuum tubes to create cool wall art, and more!

If you have your own project you made out of Earthwise salvage materials, we would love to see it! Send your photos to and we’ll send you a coupon!

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