Tacoma Yard Expansion and Custom Milling at Earthwise!

We can’t get enough salvaged lumber at Earthwise. Salvaged wood is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to add character to virtually any building or design project. Whether you’re in the market for old growth fir, mahogany, or walnut, salvaged materials are always a good first option. 

With our quest to reduce materials from going into the landfill, we recently expanded our lumber operations in Tacoma! Take a look at what we’ve done:


Doubled the Space in Tacoma Yard

If you’ve been to our Tacoma store recently, you may have noticed how much larger our yard has become. We’ve expanded our operations and have effectively doubled our yard space! This means more room for lumber and other outdoor friendly materials.

We also took on the wood shop adjoined to the store which is approximately an additional 2,000 square feet. Inside the woodshop is home to our planer (more info below) and joiner. It also houses our freshly milled lumber beams and the lumber that is being prepared to be milled.



Custom Milling with our Woodmizer

Just outside of the woodshop is our modern milling equipment, a Woodmizer LT40wide. This amazing machine is capable of cutting beams, entire logs, wide cuts, or wide slab cuts. Whether you have your own lumber to mill or want to take a look at our variety of salvaged lumber (we have tons!), we can help take your project up a notch.

Custom milling is ideal for a variety of projects, including: mantels, shelving, table tops, square stock trim, wall cladding/accent walls, and furniture building. We understand the unique characteristics of salvaged wood and will inspect it carefully to ensure that your project is a success.

(NOTE: we are unable to cut nail-embedded wood, railroad ties, pressure-treated creosote, or bug-infested wood. Additionally, our miller, Dave, will have final discretion on whether or not a specific piece of wood can be milled.)


Finishing the Wood with Our New Planer

After getting your wood custom cut, you may want to have it planed. The planer is a versatile machine which can smooth out the surface, saving you hours of sanding, and makes the wood a finished product ready for your project, although you may want to finish it with some fine grit sanding.



When your salvaged wood is planed, it’s perfect for staining, varnishing, or painting. With this step, your product will have a beautiful and clean finish. By combining custom milling and planing services, Earthwise can help you bring your project to completion.

Our custom milling and planing services are priced at $100 an hour. If you have any specific questions about custom milling, contact Mill Guy Dave!



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